Climbing Technology Rescue Figure 8 Alloy

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Large-sized figure of eight descender, hot forged and ideal for belaying the leader in a dynamic way and for abseiling.

Main characteristics

  • Equipped with two braking spurs that allow friction to be created during descent;
  • The large central opening allows you to overcome any knots in the ropes.

Size: 172mm x 172mm
Twin & Half Ropes: Ø 7,8 ÷ 9,1 mm
Single Ropes: Ø 8,7 ÷ 13,0 mm
Weight: 243g
Conforms to: EN 15151-2:2012 type 2


Quick Specs

Weight 250g
Model # VCT L6170001
UPC / Barcode 8056734836042
Brand Climbing Technology


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