Edelrid Eddy

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Easy-to-operate semi-automatic belay device with assisted braking and maximum safety for sport and indoor climbing.

  • Controlled descent with an emergency brake system eliminates the “panic pull” syndrome
  • Large lowering lever to ensure controlled descents
  • Simple and safe, easy to thread, logical operation (shown on device)
  • Suitable for 9.0 - 11.0 mm diameter ropes
  • Weight 360g

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UPC / Barcode 4021573329417
Brand Edelrid



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Superior to the gri-gri

6 June 2014
The clam-shell like construction of this seems much tougher than the gri-gri. The locking action is predictable and secure. Unlike the gri-gri, which features a spring, the eddy's locking function is based entirely on friction - if there is enough, if will lock. Belaying a leader, or a climber on top rope, requires a very similar action to using an atc or reverso, making it easy to transition from a manual device to the Eddy without having to re-learn a convoluted technique (i.e. having to hold the Trango cinch on a specific angle to feed well). I have never had any problems with the Eddy locking up inconveniently. Far better to rappel with than the gri-gri. The sweet spot is really easy to find while pulling the handle. The handle does not feel flimsy at all - it is just as solid as the rest of the body. Connecting the Eddy to the rope is straight forward - the little pictures inside clearly show which end is the climbers end and which is the break hand end. I have spoken to some who are un-easy about having a push button to open the Eddy as opposed to the two individual plates of the gri-gri, but it requires a very firm press and is set into the Eddy in such a way that it really cannot be accidentally opened. Having used the Eddy, I don't think I will ever go back to the Gri-gri. Definitely 5 star and recommended.