Petzl Shunt

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Used below the rappel device, the SHUNT works as a rappel back-up and replaces self-jamming knots like the Prusik. Works on single and double ropes.

  • Easy to install on the rope
  • Smooth clamping surfaces won't damage rope
  • May be used to ascend single or doubled rope.

Multi-purpose ascenders always have their place on a harness. They can be used to build a pulley system in case of an accident, help a stranded second, haul a pack, back-up a rappel (SHUNT), or to ascend a rope, etc... They come in different sizes and work in different ways for a multitude of different uses. They are indispensable in the vertical world. 

Back-up device / ascender

Weight: 188 g

Material: aluminium frame

For use on single ropes 10-11 mm or double ropes 8-11 mm

3-year guarantee


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Brand Petzl


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