Balance Community Threaded Highline Leash Kit with BC Loops

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The Threaded Highline Leash Kit is the complete solution to tying into your highline! It comes with a 3.7m long threaded leash constructed from a 9.5mm Dynamic Rope threaded through 17.5mm Slack-Spec Tubular, two forged aluminum or steel leash rings, and a protection sleeve for where the leash is connected to the leash rings.

Built from high quality materials, this leash is made to withstand many leash falls. We have put this leash through exhaustive testing involving several hundred leash falls onto the same leash with zero signs of wear. If you are looking for a burly leash that you can trust your life to, this is one to get.

The leash itself is the perfect length to allow you to have a strong knot with a backup knot on both ends and still have enough room for an adequately long leash. The girth of the leash as well as the soft hand makes for an easy climb after a leash fall.

The leash comes with 2x Aluminum Leash Rings. 

The double leash rings ensures a large surface area is in contact with your highline during a leash fall. This spreads the load of your leash fall across a bigger area, which prevents any damage done to your line during the whipper.

For a lightweight, yet bombproof highline leash, the Threaded Highline Leash Kit is the method of attachment for you!


  • Diameter – 12.5 mm (0.49 inches)
  • Length – 3.7 m (12 feet)
  • Weight – 368 g (13.0 oz.)
  • Strength: Outer MBS – 13.3 kN (3,000 lbf)
  • Material:
    - Outer Material – 17.5 mm Slack-Spec Tubular
    - Inner Material – 9.8 mm Dynamic Climbing Rope
    - Sheath Material – Nylon Rope Sheath

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