Faza Dreamtime Boars Hair Brush

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Like climbing moves on a rock, there are no two identical "Dreamtime" brushes. All of them are 100 % handmade and out of this world. I try to keep them as natural as possible, hence there is no varnish or colour applied and no messing with the original twig's shape. Sometimes even the sanding process is skipped. The creative aspect is completely entrusted to "natural artists" - worms, insects, mosses, timber diseases and crazy curves, resulting from the struggle for light. Of course, such an approach entails the use of all kinds of wood. Usually the end is shaped like a screwdriver, in case you need such tool when rock climbing is shaped. The boar bristles are hard and extra long-lasting. The model comes in three variations: for bags, for bouldering and the so-called "magic wands".The Dreamtime world awaits you, but pay attention not to lose your brush in the forest :)

Each brush is unique

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