Metolius Easy Daisy

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The Metolius Easy Daisy is a revolutionary adjustable daisy design that allows you to operate both the buckle and the carabiner without changing your grip. It is made from ¾" nylon webbing and has anodized CNC aluminum buckles for durability. For body weight only.

  • Weight: 99 g
  • Strength: 1.3 kN (300 lbf)
  • Overall length: 1422mm
  • Colour: assorted
  • Carabiner in pictures not included

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UPC / Barcode 602150370073
Brand Metolius



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Terrible design

19 February 2017
Terrible design for an adjustable daisy. I climbed Ozymandius direct with a set of these and by about halfway up the route I'd vowed to burn them when I was finished. Works ok when the sling is clean and dry and in brand new condition, but quickly becomes very difficult to release when the sling is a little bit furry, wet, twisted, dirty or muddy. Almost impossible to release when loaded. The Yates easy daisy design is much better.