Gibbon Classic 25m Slackline TREEPRO Edition

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GIBBON compliments these sets with the developed TREEPRO tree protection. All TREEPRO EDITION therefore not just fulfill the requirements of the German industry norms (TÜV/DIN), but also coincide with the high quality standards of GIBBON.

They are probably the first sets on the market that offer everything needed for experiencing slacklining in a safe and easy way. Available in two different lengths.


  • CLASSICLINE - XL Edition - Treepro Edition (25 m):
  • 22.5 m / 74 ft slackline with stitched loop
  • 2.5 m / 8 ft ratchet band with stitched loop
  • Strength 40 kN
  • TREEPRO tree and line protection
  • Ratchet cover
  • User manual & set-up guide

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UPC / Barcode 4260165878432
Brand Gibbon


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