BlueWater 15mm Tube Tape (Multiple Colour Options)

Colour: Royal Blue

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15mm Climb-Spec® webbing features the same fine weave pattern as the 25mm Climb-Spec® webbing and features soft and supple characteristics that is easy to tie. The fine weave pattern resists picks and snags for a long life. CE and UIAA certified. 100% Nylon. Manufactured in the U.S.A. from Domestic and Globally sourced raw materials.

Width: 15mm 
Grams Per Metre: 27
Tensile Strength: 10.2 kN

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Brand Blue Water



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Useful when normal webbing is too bulky

27 December 2013
I use this for slinging things like hooks. The 25mm version is rated at 17kN, which is overkill and far too bulky for some uses, which is where this 15mm / 10kN version comes in handy. If you take a probably pessimistic value for water knot strength reduction, 50%, a loop of this 15mm tape will still hold 10kN. Keep in mind this isn't anywhere near the ~22kN of a off the shelf sewn sling, but it's still acceptable for some uses.