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Marcia is a Brazilian-Australian sewist, rock climber, administration and systems nerd, mum to a sassy little boy, living the dream of running a small home based studio in Brisbane.

Nativa was born from the combined love of sewing and rock climbing, most of the time Marcia is the maker however, depending on the demand their solo journey transforms into a small collective of women with the shared passion for sewing and inspired to keep alive the skills passed on to us from our mothers and grandmothers.

The Chalk bags
Nativa’s chalk bags were carefully designed with attention to detail in consultation with a range of fellow rock-climbers with high standards when it comes to rock climbing gear matters. The result is a simple, practical, and durable design made to bring a playful splash of personality to our treasured

They are made by hand in small batches from a geared-up home studio in Brisbane. The uniquecolourful outer materials are complemented by a super soft- we mean it, it is SUPER soft, inner lining for perfect distribution of the chalk.

The opening is stiff to make it easy to reapply chalk, the drawstring seals up the chalk bag nicely and the side elastic is suitable for brushes. This is a deep roomy bag suitable for adult hands. Finish details such lining, string and toggle colours might differ from the photo, but no need to worry, they will always be selected for nothing less than a fabulous look result.

Community and footprint

Nativa loves creating opportunities to collaborate with our bright community while being conscious of our footprint. From the beautifully created branding by the local creative Paola Castro, to the odd shaped labels sourced from Reverse Garbage that are attached to the chalk bags by strips of leftover fabric, the local and sustainable approach are on the details.

Accumulated fabric remnants will become yoga bolsters filling. The chalk bags design was created to
generate minimum fabric waste. Sometimes a funky-hidden-gem fabric is found in second-hand stores and made into an even more special small batch. While there are many opportunities, not all are perfect and that is why we keep an eye on opportunities to create improved solutions and to
constantly connect with the community.

Climbing Anchors acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands where our stores stand, as well as the cliffs on which we climb.
We pay our respect to the Elders, past, present & emerging.⁣