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Lattice Training is the world's first systematic assessment and training tool for climbing. They offer climbing assessments to measure a climber's strengths and weaknesses through data-led profiling tools; climbing trainig plans to address those weaknesses; and a range of training tools to help you get strong. 

Alongside their assessments and plans, Lattice have developed many of the best tools to facilitate your training and climbing. The Lattice rung is designed to both measure and improve your finger strength. The Lattice Board is a dedicated performance analysis tool, supported by a database of results and a robust analysis package. Our Crimpd App follows workouts designed by the coaches at Lattice and is free of charge.

Climbing Anchors acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands where our stores stand, as well as the cliffs on which we climb.
We pay our respect to the Elders, past, present & emerging.⁣