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In 1998, former world boulder champion Mauro Calibani founded E9 as a clothing brand made for climbers by climbers. With passion, creativity and enthusiasm, E9 clothing maintains its authentic, bold and distinctive style in the climbing world today. Not only does this brand produce quality clothing made in Italy, but it embraces a sense of responsibility to contribute to the protection of nature and the planet. E9 shirts, tees, pants, and beanies are made from natural, organic or recycled fabrics.

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Italian-made clothing “From CLIMBERS to CLIMBERS”, E9 is not just a clothing brand but a company with a sense of responsibility to the protection of nature and the planet. Almost 90% of E9’s shirts, pants, hats and beanies are made of organic and recycled fabrics.



Singe Use Plastics Project

E9 is one of the outdoor companies that took part in the “Single Use Plastic Project” Team of the European Outdoor Group. Starting from the Spring/Summer 2020 shipments, E9 eliminated around 90% of single use plastic polybags with an aim to reach 100% polybags-free soon.

E9 Pants Eco PackagingE9 Pants Eco Labels



E9’s production is almost 100% produced in an operating radius of 30km around the headquarters in Ascoli Piceno, Italy. This production cycle takes place within a few kms, eliminating the consumption of fuel and resulting greenhouse gas emissions derived by the freight of goods.



Almost 90% of E9 clothes are made from organic and recycled fabrics, reducing the consumption of water, eliminating the use of harmful pesticides and reducing the waste of raw materials.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Organic production systems are used to fertilise the soil, eliminating the use of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Opting for organic clothing is an act of caring for not only the skin, but also for the environment and often for people working in the production chain. E9 expanded the range of fabrics in organic cotton - almost 85% - produced by Oeko-Tex certified companies that have joined the Green Peace Detox


SuperStretch is a technical fabric made with organic cotton. It features polyester ligatures providing tear-resistance and a thermofix finishing granting high elasticity recovery.


Hemp is naturally organic since it fertilises the soil and renews it with its deep roots, as well as being pest resistant and does not need pesticides or herbicides. Hemp is a very robust plant, whose textile use is becoming more common.

Blend Wool

Wool gives the garment great warmth, softness and thermal function, ensuring your body’s maximum comfort when the temperature drops. Most of the wools in the collection are recycled.


Lyocell is a bio-based fabric fiber derived from wood pulp and is 100% biodegradable and compostable. The fiber is the result of a closed-loop production process that ensures a low environmental impact, optimising the use of water and reuses the solvent at a recovery rate of more than 99%. Wood and pulp used in the process comes from natural forests and sustainably managed plantations. Extremely comfortable and soft on the skin, Lyocell is revolutionising the textile industry with its lightweight, stretchy and breathable nature.



Ready to Dye

e9 Ready to Dye

The ready-to-dye fabrics are soaked in dye baths with colours specifically designed and developed by E9. In order to guarantee the maximum respect of the environment, The Quality System of dye treatments is UNI EN ISO 9002 certified and equipped with anti-pollution systems.




E9 European Outdoor Conservation Association

E9 is one of over 160 organisations that support conservation projects around the world through the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA0), an organisation founded in 2006 with the idea of helping preserve wild places and ecosystems for future generations. As a charitable organisation directly funding specific projects, the association wants to show the European outdoor industry is committed to putting something back into the environment. Over the last 13 years, the EOCA has funded 121 projects in 53 different countries to the tune of 3 million Euros.

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