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CAMP Oval Screw Gate

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One of the strongest oval carabiners on the market
A compact style of oval carabiner with an exceptional strength to weight ratio. Features a keylock screw gate closure. Locking oval carabiners are ideal for work with pulleys, caving, and big walls and aid climbing.

71 g

ID: 1115
Standard(s): EN 362 – EN 12275
Height (mm) : 106
Width (mm): 57
Gate Opening (mm): 16
Major Axis (kN): 24
Minor Axis (kN): 10
Open Gate (kN): 7
Lock Type: Screw Gate, Key Lock
Material: Aluminum alloy

Specs Chart

Weight 71g
Certification EN 12275 (X), EN 362 (B), UIAA
Major Axis (kN) 24
Minor Axis (kN) 10
Open Gate (kN) 7
Gate Opening (mm) 16
UPC / Barcode 8005436050287
Brand CAMP



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11 May 2014
Great affordable oval gates. Great for rope access. Keeps rigging simple.. Smooth gate action.

CAMP Oval Locker

7 March 2014
For long climbs or trad climbing, probably a bit heavy and unnecessary, but if you still have a soft spot for ovals then this is strong, well built, and the gate and locking action are both fluid. It may come in handy for top rope anchors. Personally I use it to attach a Petzl Shunt or Microcender, where I don't want the carabiner forcing the device to rotate - in this case, the symmetry comes in handy. If you really need an oval locker, this is definitely a great one at an insanely good price.