Beal Bambi II Kid's Harness

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A simple and practical harness for growing climbers less than 40 kg in weight. 
Adjustment buckles on the leg loops and shoulder straps adapt it easily to all body shapes and it works particularly well for young children who have undefined waists.
- Easy to adjust with 4 autolock buckles
- Easy to put on with colour coded straps
- Comfortable and secure
Waist Size 54 cm
Leg Loop Size 35 - 60 cm
Chest Strap Size 40 - 60 cm
Climber Height 90 - 130 cm
Climber Weight Up to 40 kg


Harness Sizing Chart

One Size Fits All Waist: 54cm Legs: 35cm-60cm

Quick Specs

UPC / Barcode 3700288203786
Brand Beal


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