CAMP Tricam Dyneema 4 Set

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By popular demand, the most popular Tricam sizes are also available with Dyneema® slings. These are slightly stronger in camming mode without any additional weight and realize the unique benefits of Dyneema®. Compared to nylon, Dyneema® maintains a higher breaking strength when wet and its natural hydrophobic properties prevent the slings from soaking up water and icing over.


  • Two placement modes: active cam and passive chock
  • Works where nothing else can fit, such as solution pockets
  • Excellent in horizontal cracks
  • Stiffer sewing on the slings for easier one-handed placement and extraction
Ref. Product Name Weight Range Strength
g oz min
0975 Dyneema Tricam 0.5 29 1.0 18 27 9 7
Dyneema Tricam 1.0 35 1.2 21 32 10 8
Dyneema Tricam 1.5 49 1.7 26 40 20 17
Dyneema Tricam 2.0  55 1.9 29 45 20 17

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Brand CAMP


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