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Friction Labs Unicorn Dust Chalk

Size: 5oz (142g)

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The stickiest of the icky. This magical blend is what dreams are made of.

FrictionLabs engineers high performance chalk for rock climbing. Chalk Matters. And they obsess over it. You may have thought, "chalk is chalk"...but we've tested all of the chalk out there and found there's a lot more to the story.

All chalk has Magnesium Carbonate and Calcium Carbonate. Chalk board chalk is Calcium Carbonate, and just like a chalk board, it makes your hands feel slimy when exposed to moisture. Magnesium Carbonate, on the other hand, traps water inside its crystalline structure, leaving your hands feeling dry and ready to crush. Lab tests show FrictionLabs chalk has the most Magnesium Carbonate and least Calcium Carbonate.

We make our chalk in three blends suited to different texture preferences: Unicorn Dust, a mostly fine/powdery blend with small grape-sized chalk bits; Bam Bam, super chunky, for those who really like to break it up in their hands; and Gorilla Grip, a chunky middle ground. The Sample Pack gives you 1oz of each blend so you can try them all and see what you love most.

Stop wishing you could climb better. Start investing in better climbing. 

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Love this chalk, although my preference is Gorilla

8 April 2017
They were out of gorilla grip, so I got this and the bam bam to mix them together.

Great product!

5 July 2016
Really grippy and stays on your hands longer than other chalk. Great product and would definitely recommend!

Top quality product

25 March 2015
I have tried many other chalks in my time of climbing but haven't had anything as sticky as the unicorn dust yet, it's amazing and by far my chalk of choice from now on. High quality product that delivers.