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CAMP Oval XL Screw Gate

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The Oval XL Lock is an exceptionally strong full-size locking oval carabiner. With its sophisticated I-Beam construction, it is also surprisingly lightweight. Its large gate opening, keylock nose and locking screw gate make it ideal for use with pulleys and ascender-descender devices.

  • Super-strong, full-size oval carabiner with locking screw gate
  • Large gate opening
  • Keylock nose
  • Ideal for use with pulleys and ascender-descender devices

71 g, 2.5 oz

ID: 2123
Height (mm) : 110
Width (mm): 62
Gate Opening (mm): 20
Major Axis (kN): 28
Minor Axis (kN): 11
Open Gate (kN): 7

Specs Chart

Weight 71
Certification EN 12275 (X), EN363 (B), UIAA
Major Axis (kN) 28
Minor Axis (kN) 11
Open Gate (kN) 7
Gate Opening (mm) 20
UPC / Barcode 8005436037127
Brand CAMP



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Updated review after owning for a bit longer.

23 April 2018
The screw gate operates smoothly so far. I think the shape is a little bit too D shaped and i prefer something that is a bit more true oval shaped like DMM Ultra O. Due to the H section shape i find you can't turn the carabiner around in some devices eg it won't turn through a Kong Duck. also if you want to run ropes through it then the rope bearing surface is not very wide or rounded. I feel like they have sacrificed some good qualities of ovals to gain higher strength but for the price it's pretty good. i got them on sale.

Very happy

3 April 2018
So far i think these are great quality at a good price, The screw gate operates smoothly. It's a versatile shape and with high strength. The only thing i would say is i think i prefer the shape of DMM ultra O as it's more of a true oval, but for the price these are awesome.