Beal Rope Brush

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Your rope takes care of you at the crag, so take care of your rope with the Beal Rope Brush.

Twist onto your rope and run the rope through the brush while holding firmly underwater. This brush adapts easily to different rope thickness.

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Easy to use and works well

29 January 2014
This product is pretty straight forward, it is simple to use and works well. Just wind the rope thru the brush and move the brush on the rope back forward thru water. I did this in my laundry sink in 10m intervals and bailed the wet/clean rope into a tub. This makes it easy to manage but it will also avoid tangles. I then took the rope in the tub outside and layed the rope out for drying (I clean rope on a hot day so it will dry faster). I gave this brush to a mate to use and his rope came out clean too. It also gives your arms a workout! (depending on the length and size of the rope)