Rock Exotica rockD Auto Lock with Lanyard Pin

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The Lanyard Pin series of carabiners helps prevent gear from moving past the end of the carabiner. When the potential for dangerous leverage or cross-loading can occur, the removable, stainless steel pin keeps the carabiner oriented correctly, and the gear where it belongs.

  • Utilizes easy to remove stainless steel pin.
  • Install gear or lanyards with the the peace of mind of a secure, semi-permanent capture.
  • Use as a standard, full-strength carabiner by removing the pin.

Quick Specs

Weight 99g
Certification CE, UIAA
Major Axis (kN) 30
Minor Axis (kN) 11
Open Gate (kN) 10
Gate Opening (mm) 24
Length (mm) 114
Width (mm) 71
Brand Rock Exotica


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