Tendon Salamander Canyon 10.2 Price per Metre

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New Tendon Elite Triple Sheath Canyon Rope Cut to length you need

As the name implies, the canyoning rope Salamander is an amphibian. With a diameter of 10.2 millimetres it has an excellent knotability even after repeated wetting, retains its softness and improved resistance – properties that predeterminate the rope to be used especially in canyoning to where it belongs primarily. Salamander is a lightweight rope which keeps its userfriendly properties for a long time thanks to its construction. The construction and materials used assist in minimizing the shrinkage of the rope in a wet environment. Salamander has a thicker and coarser sheath and floats on water. It is a static rope which is characterized by minimum elongation as a result of the production technology used. In order to facilitate the rope identification even under difficult conditions prevailing in deep and dark canyons, it is made in a distinctive combination of colours.


Technical data

Used material PA/PPV Floating yes CE 1019 yes EN 1891 Tested type B except material and number of falls
Shrinkage (%)  0 Number of falls min 20* Elongation (50-100kg) (%)  2.6 Tenancity (kN)
Min. tenacity with knots (kN)  12 Note *Weight 55kg, fall factor 1 Weight (g/m) 60 Relative mass of sheat (%)  47

Quick Specs

UPC / Barcode TGCSAL1
Brand Tendon



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Excellent Canyoning Rope.

18 January 2018
We as a club have purchased 3 lengths of this rope. The 100m length was deployed on an 80m waterfall recently and all had nothing but praise. Very little elongation and no sign of ware from the rough rocks.

Very impressed

6 November 2017
Great quality product, perfect for wet conditions like creeks and canyons! Rope was laying on water surface, yes it floats and does not take on water keeping the rope relatively the same weight for the entire trip! No more lugging heavy wet rope! Great diameter works well coupled with the Kong hydrobot.