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Tendon Canyon Pro 9mm Dry

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The Canyon Dry 9.0 is a polyamide rope with a smaller diameter of 9 mm and has tendon's complete shield teflon finish, which increases its water and abrasion resistance considerably. The highly visible colour alows you to know exactly where your rope is, even in darker canyons. The rope is flexible and retains its softness even after a long period of use. CANYON DRY 9.0 will be appreciated especially by experienced canyoneers who strive for a quick and smooth advancement above all and who care about every gram of load.
This rope is currently (2017) the only canyon rope on the market that fulfills parameters of EN1891 certification as a Type A rope. This means that this rope is better suited to protection of persons working at height and above free depth, for use in rope access, speleology, human rescue and other similar activities (combined ascent and descent of persons, safety device for work positioning in rope access, lowering and raising of persons in rescue, as a means for ascent, descent and horizontal motion in speleology)

Check out from 1:22 in the video below for info about Canyon Dry 9.0



Technical data

Used material




CE 1019


EN 1891




Number of falls min


Elongation (50-100kg) (%) 


Tenancity (kN)


Min. tenacity with knots (kN) 




Weight (g/m)


Relative mass of sheat (%)


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Brand Tendon



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Superb canyon static

4 January 2019
After a lifetime of stiff 10mm ropes this rope is a revelation. Incredibly subtle and soft to use and makes abseiling a breeze. Perfect for lighter canyoners and longer drops where the rope’s weight can act as a brake. Its light, very water and dirt repellent And it floats ! Gorgeous! Bought a 30m now grabbing a 70m