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Tendon Ambition TeFIX 10.2 60m Complete Shield

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TENDON AMBITION 10.2 TEFIX - YELLOW Single ropes  Only one rope is used for ascent. This is the basic and most widespread way to use ropes to climb.Complete Shield  Maximum grade of rope treatment with high water resistance, abrasion resistance. With the new progressive NANOTECHNOLOGY method, TEFLON® Eco is applied to both the sheath and the core of the rope in very small particles, creating an almost impermeable protective layer on the whole rope against water, dust and other particles that could damage the rope or the core of the rope. COMPLETE SHIELD is a new impregnation that significantly increases the overall life of TENDON ropes.          Compact finish  Unique rope termination technology. The last 15 mm of length is the core with braid connected in one compact unit.The marking of the center of the  rope is marked by a color at half its length, which does not impair its structure or mechanical properties. Only ropes 30 - 80 m long.Tefix Patented TeFIX®  technology ensures permanent core and braid bonding. This is achieved by means of special materials added between the braid and the core, and by a further technological process that ensures permanent core-sheath bonding. This added material does not reduce dynamic properties. The rope has a 0% sheath shift, a much longer lifetime and a great handling.UIAA  Products marked with this symbol comply with the strict UIAA - International Union of Climbing Association.TeNOTE  New, revolutionary concept of comprehensive rope management and recording. A fast, efficient and clear tool for reviewing and maintaining your ropes.


A brand new patented technology TeFIX® provides for permanent connection of the core and the sheath. This is achieved by special materials added between the sheath and the core and an additional technological procedure that provides for durable connection of the core and the sheath. 

Benefits of the TeFIX® technology:

  • Guaranteed zero sheath slippage
  • Softer rope with excellent handling
  • 3% lower dynamic elongation
  • Possibility of emergency use of the rope even in case of completely damaged sheath


  • FOR INDOOR CLIMBING: An new version of a robust rope AMBITION 10.2 enriched with TeFIX® technology. The fact that the core is connected with the sheath prevents the sheath from slippage and provides a maximum possible safety in case of the sheath damage. An ideal rope which will guide you through many vertical miles.
  • FOR BIGWALL CLIMBING: The most robust and safest rope into big walls from our catalogue. TeFIX technology holds the core and the sheath firmly together so that in case of emergency you can use the rope even when the sheath is ripped.

Technical data

Sheath slippage (%) 0 Rope diameter (mm) 10.2 CE 1019 yes EN 892 yes
Max. impact force (kN) 8.3 Number of UIAA falls min 11 Dynamic elongation (%) 33    
Weight (g/m)


Static elongation (%)

6.9 Knotability 0.8    


Quick Specs

Weight 4.02kg
Brand Tendon


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