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Tendon 9mm Speleo Static By The Metre

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This rope was developed especially for cave exploring. It is outstanding for its low elongation, high static strength and exceptional resistance to wear. Special - this version of the rope Speleo has a sheath made of PES and a core made of PA. Thanks to the use of this combination of materials, the rope is more wear resistant and is able to withstand the higher temperatures caused, for example, by fast descending.


Technical data

Shrinkage (%) 2.2 Rope diameter (mm) 9 CE 1019 yes EN 1891 yes
Tenacity (kN) 23 Number of falls (min) 12 Relative Mass of Sheat (%)  44 Used Material PA
Weight (g/m) 48 Elongation (50-150kg) (%) 4.1 Sheat Slippage (mm) 1 Min Tenacity with knots (kN)


Quick Specs

UPC / Barcode TSP9
Brand Tendon



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Review Tendon 9mm Speleo Static

11 September 2016
I have used this rope already for over two years. My take on this rope is although smaller in diameter than 9 mm it is stiffer than most 9 mm I have used before. It has a very abrasion resistant sheath and is great for use with my Petzl Stop. I just bought another 110 m. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this rope again. In my opinion one of the better or possibly even the best 9 mm caving rope I have ever used and I have used virtually all the big name brands.