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Versatile full body harness, suitable for a wide range of work activities.

Applied technology and design elements - WeBee 3D foam, removable padding, PE backrest reinforcement and many more make Thor extremely comfortable, breathable, washable but also one of the lightest working harnesses in the whole body cushioned category. With its unique "sports" concept, the harness also allows unrivaled freedom of movement, all while maintaining high wear resistance. The harness consists of two detachable parts - the shoulders and the harness. We also offer a version with an integrated chest accessory - Thor Access for easy movement on the work rope. We are preparing a version with quick couplings Thor Quick for easy dressing and a version with quick-release couplings and an integrated Thor Access Quick lock. All harnesses available on request also in black - Thor Black, Thor Quick Black,

M-L: legs 50-65 cm, waist belt 70-110 cm, height: 155-185 cm 

Standardized connection points:

1. The chest attachment point for the fall arrest (EN 361: 2002) is made of textile to increase user comfort, bears the safety mark "A". Tested for 15 kN head up, 10 kN head down.
2. The fall arrest attachment point (EN 361: 2002) is also textile for increased user comfort and bears the "A" safety mark. Tested for 15 kN head up, 10 kN head down.
3. Central Linking Point - A carefully designed light alloy D element with anodised finish meeting EN 813: 2008. The maximum rated load is 140 kg. Tested at 15 kN.
4. Positioning 1 - Two attachment elements (EN 358: 1999) located on the sides of the harness allow to be swung into the working position or snapped into the parking position when not in use. This prevents their unwanted trapping of protruding objects.
5. Positioning 2 - Additional positioning point (EN 358: 1999), made of textile, is located at the center of the back of the harness. 

Material organization:

6. Four material loops with reinforced braid resistant to wear. Load capacity 10 kg.
7. Slots for material carabiners are located in front of and behind the positioning D elements (2 x 5 slots in total).
8. Other material loops of any size can be easily created with a cord, according to the instructions.
9. Special attachment points for the bench are located in the load axis. Load capacity 150 kg.
10. The carabiner slots on the pants serve for the practical placement of ropes outside the main working space. 

Higher comfort and safety, easier handling:

11. The patented hexagonal Webee 3D foam is very lightweight, breathable and easy to clean, no odor.
12. The shoulder straps have been designed to prevent unwanted rubbing of the user's neck.
13. Additional movable shoulder padding increases comfort, can be completely removed for working with raised hands.
14. The back part provides the body with better support thanks to the added polyethylene layer.
15. Osprey Screw Oval Carabiner makes harnessing easy.
16. The Symetric delta trousers system protects against discomfort in the groin area.
17. Wide primary straps ensure even pressure distribution on body surface and increase harness comfort.
18. Narrow secondary straps, on the other hand, increase the freedom of movement, reduce the covering and hence the possible sweating.
19. Doubled bend ending all adjustable straps makes tightening even easy with gloves.
20. Steel self-locking buckles for easy strap length adjustment are protected against corrosion by a double protective layer (zinc coating, EDC)
21. Reflective tape and contrasting trim add visibility and thus safety for the user in the workplace. 


22. The production label is made of durable fabric and is easily accessible when using the harness (left side of the waist).

Technical parameters

Weight: 1.72kg 

EN 813: 2008 
EN 358: 1999 
EN 361: 2002 
CE 1019


Harness Sizing Chart

Size Waist (cm) Legs (cm)

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Brand Ocun

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