Moses Tomahawk Hooks Size 3

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Maintain a stellar grip and a secure hold in difficult cracks and hard-to-reach corners with the Tomahawk Piton from Moses Enterprises. The curved stem adds clearance around irregularities in the rock. Use the tip's double taper to lock into tenuous placements. Color coding makes it easy to grab the right piece the first time.

Left and right versions:  Tomahawks are available in left and right versions, for use in corners.  The upper bend enables better hammer contact with the primary hammering surface (b.) during placement, and the lower bend provides clearance for the cable to prevent fraying/damage.  The left version will fit left-facing corners with a straight-in crack and right-facing corners with a crack that is parallel to the face.  The right version will fit right-facing corners with a straight-in crack and left-facing corners with a crack that is parallel to the face.

Heat-treated 4130 chrome-moly steel
Thickness = 3/16” (0.1875”)
Laser-cut shape
Top hole = 5/8” (0.625”), bottom hole = 29/64” (0.454”), cable hole = 13/64” (0.2”); all holes chamfered except for middle lightening hole
1/8” (#3) 7×19 galvanized aircraft cable clip-in loop with zinc-coated copper sleeve
PVC heat-shrink covering sleeve; color coded for straight (black), left (red), and right (blue)
Weight = 137.5 g / 4.85 oz.

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Brand Moses Enterprises


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