Metolius Grip Saver Plus Medium

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  • Designed by a doctor to strengthen and balance the muscles of the hand, wrist and forearm
  • Super effective for rehab or prevention of climbing-related finger, wrist and elbow injuries
  • Exercises the hand through a full, natural range of motion
  • An essential tool for serious climbers
  • Includes step-by-step instructions
  • Medium Colour is RED

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UPC / Barcode 602150464178
Brand Metolius



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"Arthritic" grip saver..

20 February 2017
Hi, I'm now regretfully a bit beyond actual climbing. But can feel age related flexibility issues creeping up. On impulse I decided to purchase the grip saver and it is brilliant. Re-invigorating flexibility in both hands. That is when I can convince my new pup that it's my "toy" not her's. Great product, works well!..

Simple Magic

6 July 2014
Surprisingly more effective than I thought! A great addition to my warm up/down. Started with the medium strength ball which works a treat, little harder than expected at first but after regular use have built up some nice resistance.

my new squeeze

3 April 2014
found this very effective getting over finger injury as it quickly warms up hands and is improving my grip strength. good balance in the opposing ways you can use this to make sure all finger muscles are used to maximum effect. Big thumbs up!

Fantastic product!

28 August 2013
Great for helping me rehabilitate my finger injury, for warming up my hands to prevent further injuries (very helpful in Canberra winter!), and strengthening my hands generally. I'm not sure if my choice of medium was correct, but as a female climbing 20-21 it seems a good 'hardness'.

the Metolious Gripsaver rocks!

26 September 2011
I highly recommend the product! I have had a fair bit of trouble with the A2 tendon pulleys in my ring and index fingers.. I have found that using the Grip saver before climbing is highly effective in warming up my hands and reducing the chance of me injuring them. This gadget is very convenient for when you are in cold climates and its not so easy to warm up the old claw hands. It works the fingers both eccentrically and concentrically which is great!