Metolius Bravo Blue Screw Gate

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One of the Smallest Locking Biners on the market!

  • Lightweight, high-strength, compact locking carabiner
  • Hot-forged, key-lock design
  • Weight: 43 g
  • Target strength: 24 kN (5395 lbf) major axis,
  • 10 kN open gate, 7 kN minor axis
  • Gate opening: 17 mm
  • Individually proof tested
  • CE/UIAA certified

Specs Chart

Weight 43g
Certification CE, UIAA
Major Axis (kN) 24
Minor Axis (kN) 7
Open Gate (kN) 10
UPC / Barcode 602150461290
Brand Metolius



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Not my favorite.

24 December 2013
I have a few of these, but I don't use them much. This biner is really small- too small to be useful, in my opinion. It's too small to hold a clove-hitch with a lead rope, for example. The spinning locking mechanism is also a bit sticky and harder to rotate than other biners. It is really light, so you might consider this biner if weight is the highest priority.