Madrock Ultra Tech Screw Gate

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This screw lock carabiner also features the forged I-beam construction and no snag gate.

Weight - 56gm

Strength - 25kN

Length - 95mm

Specs Chart

Weight 56g
Certification CE
Major Axis (kN) 25
Minor Axis (kN) 9
Open Gate (kN) 9
Gate Opening (mm) 18
UPC / Barcode 870559014403
Brand Mad Rock



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Clips well

31 October 2015
Clips amazingly well. Not too heavy. Nice piece.

Great locker

23 September 2015
This is one of my favourite small (but not tiny) locking biners. It's light enough, and the screwgate action is nice and smooth and seems to get gummed up less than others I have used.


3 July 2015
light, large gate opening, versatile bit of gear

Good all rounder

7 March 2014
This locker is really compact, the gate action and screw lock work smoothly, and the strength is actually rated as 26 kN on the spine of the biner, even though MadRocks website and climbing anchors says 25... A good general purpose locker to have sitting on your harness or to use in anchor set-ups.