Madrock Trigger Wire Gate

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You're at your limit, pumped, panicked, and staring down the barrel of 20 feet of slack. Shaking, you go to clip a draw that's just within reach, but the rope gets stuck between the gate and biner nose, popping out and setting the biner swinging. Luckily, this unpleasant senario has a solution: the new Mad Rock Trigger Wire carabiner. Here, a specialised "trigger" holds the gate open until the slightest pressure is applied (as when a rope is dumped into the open gate). Also available in a quickdraw set up, the Trigger Wire is an innovative addition to your rack, ideal for desperate clips, use with a extended draw system, or as a cheater biner when hanging those draws.

Specs Chart

Weight 38g
Major Axis (kN) 23
Minor Axis (kN) 8
Open Gate (kN) 8
Gate Opening (mm) 22
UPC / Barcode 870559022316
Brand Mad Rock



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Great on a stick clip

14 February 2014
I don't particularly believe Mad Rock's sales copy about these biners being good for hard, out-of-reach clips. However, this biner is GREAT as a dedicated stick-clipping biner. No more taping the gate open or propping the gate open with a stick.