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Madrock M5

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Please note this shoe is a TIGHT fit, we suggest to go up at least 1 size from your street shoe

With a little wider platform than the shark, the M5 is designed for both performance and comfort. We took a twist on our patented concave sole with this'll notice for the first time in Mad Rock history, the concave sole features our flat sole design for optimal overhanging grabbing, it also creates a sharper edge for standing on tiny holds and ledges. The Arch Flex ensures the glove like fit that you've come to expect from our performance shoes, and the new Torque Heel will enable you to exploit rock features like never before. The Power Upper covering the majority of the forefoot adds more than 30% of rubber to facilitate toe hooking and jamming. Great for Bouldering, Sport, Competition, Crack Climbing and the Gym.


Classification All Around High Performance
Closure 2-strap
Stiffness 3
Shape Asymmetric
Midsole Material Polycarbonate
Midsole Thickness 1.8 mm
Midsole shape AES-2
Sole Flat/Concave
Sole Thickness 3.8 mm
Upper Material Tek Flex
Footbed Material Polyester
Toe Patch Power Upper
Toe Patch Thickness 2.4 mm
Rand R2
Rand Thickness 2.2 mm
Heel Torque
Weight (US 9) 238g
Sizes Available 3-13

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UPC / Barcode 870559025416
Brand Mad Rock



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Make sure you get your street size. Smelly but goo

13 September 2015
Good beginner shoe to get after the Madrock Flash. Rubber is pretty damn sticky, excellent for smearing. Make sure you get your street size though, I sized down 1/2 a size and am still paying for it. And make sure you air em out real good after a long hot days climbing. 2 months in and theres a lethal odour coming from them. The synthetic upper announces to the entire gym and crag that your carrying your very own portable cheese factory.