Kong Oka Multi Descender

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The Kong Oka is designed specifically for canyoneering. It works not only as a descender but also for emergency, recovery and rescue situations. The Oka is quick and effective in every condition. It is comfortable to operate with different diameters and offers a variety of braking positions.

Standards: EN 15151/2

  • Diameter Ropes: 7.8-12.7mm
  • Weight: 95g
  • Material: alu alloy
  • Length 141cm
  • Width: 94cm (widest point)

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UPC / Barcode 8023577024301
Brand Kong



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It does what it advertises

13 February 2017
Basically a Fig 8 with horns as you can see in the picture. The rubber keeper you can see in the smaller hole is a little too tight for the Black Diamond Magnetron biners (but you can force it on). I found changing the amount of friction whilst abseiling to be easy with a bit of practice, however it goes from "too fast" to "not moving at all" when I get the rope around the horn once... The rope I was using was extremely stiff, so that may have been a factor in the lack of increment when increasing the friction.