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Fixe PLX Chain and Ring Anchor

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Fixe chain and ring anchors are ideal for use as a belay anchor in multi-pitch routes and also as a rappel anchor when caving and canyoning.
Any part of the anchor can be used to clip to so long as you are using a locking carabiner. The perpendicular angle of the ring to the wall allows quick and easy rope recovery.

The vertical orientation of the anchor bolts eliminates the ‘shock load’ possibility if one anchor bolt were to fail.

The new Fixe PLX HCR series sees improved performance when used outdoors, especial in saline environments. This High Corrosion Resistance material improves safety, even in the harshest environments, and for a longer time. The material is especially designed to prevent Stress Corrosion Cracking, but it is also better suited for general corrosion, strength and wear resistance than conventional austenitic stainless steels. 

10mm Key features:
PLX HCR stainless steel
Weight: 406 g
Strength: 30 kN
D10 mm bolt holes

12mm Key features:
PLX HCR stainless steel
Weight: 406 g
Strength: 30 kN
D12 mm bolt hole



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UPC / Barcode F037-101PLX
Brand Fixe


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