Tis the gifting season and there is nothing that quite resembles the spirit of giving than shopping for a loved one that loves a hobby that you have never heard of. If you are looking for a present for that special climber in your life, we at Climbing Anchors are here to help you out. Below we have crafted a list of items ranging from big to small that every rock-lover will appreciate. If this list still makes your head spin and you have already spent all your decision-making energy deciding which pattern of high-end tea towel to get your Great Aunt Helen, then do not worry; there is always the trusty gift voucher.


Under $50

  • Black Diamond T-shirt: keep your favourite dirtbag looking fresh.
  • Faza Handpainted Chalk Brush: Awesome hand-painted designs on a tool that is used to brush chalk marks and grime off the rock.
  • 8b Plus Bracelets: A staff favourite for gifting. High quality, climbing inspired jewellery.
  • Boulder Bucket: A big ole, chalk-holding receptacle with extra pockets for phones, keys, ect.
  • Chalk chalk chalk: We can never have enough chalk.
  • Locking carabiner: Keep your hipster loved one’s keys safely latched to their belt loop.


  • Rock Rings or Gym Rings: More at home training equipment to get your loved one strong and fit.
  • Hand Balm + Skin File + Finger Massager: The dirtbag equivalent of a manicure set.
  • Belay glasses: Prism glasses that allow you to look up the wall at your climber without craning your neck. 
  • Ticket to the Moon Hammock: Portable nap station. ‘Nuff said.
  • Head torch: Light up the wall during those early morning starts and late-night descents.


  • E9 Climbing Pants: Comfortable, durable, hand-made Italian.
  • Pure Slackline Kit: Fun balance practice for climbers and non-climbers alike.
  • Hangboard: At home training for the serious athlete
  • Armaid: To massage out those ropey, knotty, Popeye forearms.
  • A new rope, The Tendon Smart are on super special and make a great first rope to get you going. 
  • Cams!! Any trad climber would be super excited to get some cams to supplement their rack. 


8B PLUS Kalydna Wristband
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8b Plus Odyssey Wristband
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8B PLUS Palionisos Wristband
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8B PLUS Pescatore Wristband
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Metolius Crash Belts

Metolius Crash Belts

From $14.95