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Triple action auto-locking HMS carabiner requires three actions to open the gate making it safer than standard 2Lock carabiners, which require two actions to open. This is the best choice when using an auto-locking carabiner to belay.

  • Automatic lock requires three actions (slide, twist, and pull) to open
  • Easy to operate with one hand
  • Large opening and keylock nose make clipping ropes and webbing easy

86 g, 3.0 oz

ID: 118403
Standard(s): EN 362 – EN 12275
Height (mm) : 116
Width (mm): 73
Gate Opening (mm): 23
Major Axis (kN): 25
Minor Axis (kN): 8
Open Gate (kN): 8
Lock Type: Twist Lock Evolution, Key Lock
Material: Aluminum alloy

Specs Chart

Weight 86g
Certification EN 12275 (H), EN363 (B), UIAA
Major Axis (kN) 25
Minor Axis (kN) 8
Open Gate (kN) 8
Gate Opening (mm) 23
SKU CAMP118403
UPC / Barcode 8005436056715
Brand CAMP



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stylish biner

28 November 2014
these biners have a smooth action and perform well and are priced competitvly