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A company is more than just a building with a bunch of desks and machines. And it's more than merely a collection of people doing assigned tasks. A company is a complicated brew of personalities, talents, backgrounds, experiences and expectations.

When you get the mix just right, a company comes alive and develops a distinct personality - its own, unique voice and it will accomplish things beyond the sum measure of the employees' contributions.

We are here because we are dedicated to the climbers, rescuers, workers and tactical operators who depend on our gear with their lives. Our motto, "It Is Possible" is more than just a slogan ... it is what we believe. We show up for work every day convinced that doing it better than anyone else is just part of the job. As a result, we've led the way and introduced dozens of industry firsts in features and technologies

 Put your hands on some of our gear and you'll see what we mean. From initial concept to implementation on the rock or in the field, each of us is committed to excellence.

We are Omega Pacific.

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Couriers and Australia Post are experiencing shipping delays due to increase demand.

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