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Butora [Boo-tore-ah]
Definition (lang. Korean) - persistence, determination
Used by climbers and boulderers alike when telling someone to “go for it” or to “stick it.”
To some, climbing may be a hobby or a sport. To many, it is a way of life. We see it as a culture of warriors who challenge themselves on each climb, each pitch, and each problem. Climbing is about learning how to overcome challenges and develop the kind of resilience that is 100% transferable to your everyday life. By climbing, you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Through Butora you can create a positive change for yourself and the world around you.  
You are Butora!
Our team met through the climbing community. We struggled, learned, and more importantly, we challenged ourselves to create an authentic avenue for change. We are just like you, and we are tired of our climbing shoes wearing out after one season. Climbers have accepted the norm for far too long. 
Butora is challenging that norm. Our team has developed a climbing shoe that compliments the personality of all climbers. We don’t break down and wear out, why should our climbing shoes? When we put on a pair of Butora climbing shoes we feel comfort, strength, performance and precision, not pain. We would like to share that with the entire climbing community. We will do our best to ensure you buy your second pair of climbing shoes from us, because you appreciate how long your first pair lasted, how comfortably snug they fit, and because you have grown attached to them.
We are Butora!
At Butora, we see your ideas and your insights as the driving force in a co-creative process. Our products are the avenue for mutual creativity. When you buy a pair of Butora climbing shoes, you support our community, our projects, ideas, fascinations, goals, and dreams. You could be sending a climber on the journey of their life, contributing to grants for projects in our community, or funding the refurbishment of local crags. At Butora, we make a commitment to giving back. If you have an idea, a product, or a project for our climbing community, we want to hear about it.  Listening comes before action.  At Butora, we listen first, act second.
Together, we are Butora.

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