Adam Gearing

A word from Adam: 

I'm a photographer based out of Sydney, Aus with an unrelenting drive to get outdoors. I always bringing a camera with me to capture and share my experiences. This also is how I developed a passion for landscape and adventure photography, using my skills and knowledge as a climber, skier and hiker to find unique angles in remote locations.

I love to capture a sense of awe and find it best to use people as a focal point to provide a sense of scale and personality. I want this to encourage others to be unsatisfied with a life spent indoors or saying "no" to opportunities when they come knocking.

It's my hope that if you came here, you also love to get off the beaten track and out of your comfort zone, and that you can find inspiration from my photography.

I shoot using a high-end Nikon camera with Nikon and Tamron lenses, capable of producing excellent quality, detailed images that are suitable for all manner of printing and publishing.

I'm looking forward to sharing new adventures and doing whatever it takes to get the perfect shot no matter the location.