Blue Mountains Exposed 2020 Calendar

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From the Creators: We are ‘The Exposed Collective’, a group of likeminded individuals who wish to make media that shares our love for our home within the Blue Mountains. 

It is our hope that through the creation of media showcasing the natural beauty that is found around us we will promote the conservation of this special and important place. Our belief is when people encounter wilderness, they develop primal physical and emotional connections with their surrounding that cannot be ignored. Our media endeavours to highlight these connections on a deep human level, with the hope that this connection to nature will bring us together to conserve it.


  • 14 stunning nudes shot in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.
  • 100% of the profits are donated to the GIVE A DAM campaign.
  • Promoting body positivity with unairbrushed images.
  • Challenging the sexist double standards around nipples in media.
  • Nude media that that doesn’t objectify the individual, moving away from sexualisation and reducing the stigma attached to nudity.
  • 1st of January 2020 to 31st January 2021.
  • Printed locally in the Blue Mountains.

We are a concerned group of outdoor enthusiasts who have a great admiration for the wild expanse that is the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

In this calendar, we have “Exposed” all to highlight the beauty of this special place with you. We are doing this as a new threat looms over the Greater Blue Mountains Area, with the NSW Government’s plan to raise the Warragamba Dam.

This proposal will impact upon the area’s World Heritage status by threatening its endemic flora, as well as its fauna and cultural history. It is predicted that raising the Warragamba Dam will impact a whopping 65 kilometres of our wild rivers and creeks and inundate 4,700 hectares of Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage-listed wilderness.
This will spell disaster for the 48 threatened flora and fauna species that inhabit this pristine and isolated region, including the vulnerable Camden White Gum and the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater. The dam raising will also drown hundreds of Indigenous cultural sites in the Burragorang and Kedumba valleys. As many sites were already lost due to the initial construction of the dam, it is essential that we don’t let any further destruction take place.


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