Black Diamond Positron Screw Gate

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A multi-functional, lightweight and compact keylock locker, the Black Diamond Positron Screwgate carabiner’s low-profile, non-snagging nose is easy to clip and clean.

  • Deep basket reduces fumbly clips
  • Keylock nose prevents snagging
  • Locking gate reduces chance of open-gate failure
  • Easy-to-hold functional shape


Weight - 56 g

Closed Gate Strength - 25 kN 5620 lbf

Open Gate Strength - 8 kN, 1798 lbf

Minor Axis Strength - 8 kN, 1798 lbf

Specs Chart

Weight 56g
Major Axis (kN) 25
Minor Axis (kN) 8
Open Gate (kN) 8
UPC / Barcode 793661287131
Brand Black Diamond



Rated 4 out of 5 stars. (9 customer reviews)

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Great value

4 October 2016
Great value , sturdy construction .

Awesome screw gate. Highly recommended.

2 April 2015
Light and compact, the screw closes really easily. It is the equivalent of the rocklock in a more compact/light size.

Light and Fast

9 January 2014
Great little unit, smaller than I expected but a perfect size and light too!

Solid performer.

24 December 2013
Like the rest of the positron family, this is a solid and dependable biner that is just the right size. It's reasonably light but not a featherweight. I use them as my standard locker for everything except for belaying with an ATC or a munter, when I want a larger biner.

Great for clipping in

21 May 2012
Great biners for general use clipping into culminating points etc and easy to remove one handed with the non-snag nose. Tends to jam when feeding slack to a leader, especially with newer rope.

Keynose for the win

6 June 2011
I wish all my screwies were these. I curse every time i get a wire snagged on the end of a non-keynose biner while trying to dismantle an anchor set deep in a crack. Grrr!


1 June 2011
very good biner for general use, but not the best for belaying with a atc or something alike. but over all very,very good biner. oh, and it also has a very good gate action and gate strength!

Great light locking biner

26 May 2011
A great no fuss light weight locker, I carry a few of these on my trad rack for building belay anchors. The keylock gate is nice feature. Perfect for the job.