Black Diamond Black Gold Loose Chalk - 200g

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Black Diamond's Black Gold Chalk is a blend of White Gold and hyper-absorbent Upsalite with twice the absorption of regular chalk. Upsalite is pure, extremely dry magnesium carbonate with a chemically-modified structure that absorbs ten times more moisture than regular chalk. Because it's completely pure, it's additive-free, skin-friendly, and non-toxic, making it the dryest and safest climbing chalk on the market.

• 90% White Gold, 10% Pure Gold
• Additive-free, skin-friendly, and non-toxic formula
• Comes as loose chalk in 30g, 200g, or 300 g packets

Upsalite: Engineered in Uppsala, Sweden, Upsalite is a powdered and dry (devoid of almost any water moldecules), pure form of magnesium carbonate. Scientists have been trying to create a pure of magnesium carbonate since 1820, and Upsalite was only discovered because a group of researchers accidentally left a reaction running over the weekend.

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