Beal Rope Cleaner

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If your hands look like you've been working in a coal mine after a single belay session, it's time to give your cord a bath with some Beal Rope Cleaner. This rope-friendly detergent won't damage polyamide fibers nor will it leave a residue on the sheath.

  • Non-aggressive detergent won't damage polyamide rope fibers
  • Detergent will not leave a residue on the rope
  • Do NOT use with water above 86 degrees Fahrenheit

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Gentle on software, (ropes).

2 April 2014
Beal Rope Cleaner does a great job. I does not clean as well as OMO but it is more gentle. Most of the time all I use is Beal. I have washed filthy ropes with OMO, (shock, horror:) with many rinses, then immediately with Beal, (to remove any remaining detergent)and many rinses.