Beal Pure Grip Liquid Chalk

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This new generation chalk is best suited to the needs of climbers whether indoors or bouldering. On indoor walls Pure Grip makes no dust and lasts twice as long. When bouldering, the grip obtained with Pure Grip, compared to powder chalk, is exceptional.

250 ml

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I'm not a climber!

8 March 2018
I don't use this product for climbing. I am a massage therapist and use liquid chalk so that my hands don't slip when I'm doing myofascial work. I had previously only used a product made in the USA which is thicker than Beal Pure Grip Liquid Chalk. This product works well though because you can add more if you need it, otherwise a light coating on my hands is sufficient. It very nicely washes off with soap as well.

gritty chalk

3 April 2014
Having the sweatiest hands in the country I need chalk frequently . this is the best I have used as it seems to stay on longer and has a gritty feel to it as well which aids my grip. will be getting more as soon as its gone . Hope I'm not becoming a chalk addict!!

Good for indoor comps when hot!

23 October 2013
Bought this product for my daughter to use at bouldering comps. She tends to forget to chalk up before each climb, so having a product that only needs to be applied intermittently was great. Worked very well at the last competition when it was quote hot indoors and the normal chalk came off when her hands were sweaty. Surprised at how little was needed to provide good coverage.

Definitely need this!

26 September 2013
Quite surprised with its effectiveness in the gym and I'm a person with very sweaty hands. I only apply liquid chalk about 3 times per day, with a bit of standard chalking here and there in between. Without the liquid chalk, I'd easily go through a lot more standard chalk. PROS: very very sticky and durable, quick dry, enough to last you a very long time. CONS: smells like paint, as it's durable you'll need to scrub hard to get it off.

Better than expected

2 September 2010
I had my reservations about this liquid chalk as from past experiences with other liquid chalk, they hadn't lived up to expectation. Surprisingly, this chalk is very good. It dries quick on your hands (leaving a white residue so you can see where you've put it) but leaves no trace wherever you put your hand. So no more chalky black climbing clothes anymore :) It also keeps your hands very dry. It's just out of habit I put my hands in my chalk bag, even though I don't need to...