Beal Flyer 2 60m Dry Cover

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Concentrating all the latest BEAL innovations for great handling with relative lightness

STRONGS POINTS: Half way between the Tiger and the Top Gun, offering a gateway in the progression from classic to super-thin ropes.

Beal Dry Cover

USES : Multi-purpose climbing.


  • Single rope - UIAA - CE
  • Diameter - 10.2mm
  • Number of bobbins 48
  • Weight per metre 64g
  • Impact force Laboratory  7.25-7.40 kN
  • Impact force  7.40 kN
  • Number of UIAA Falls Laboratory 11
  • Number of UIAA Falls  10
  • Sheath slippage 0 mm 
  • Extension during the first fall 38 %
  • Static elongation 9,6 % 
  • Resistance to a factor 1,77 fall over an edge of radius 0.75mm

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UPC / Barcode 3700288238146
Brand Beal


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