About Us

We love climbing. We establish new climbs and support those rebolting our cliffs.

Climbing Anchors originally started its life in a couple of sheds in Newcastle and Sydney. Steve Hawkshaw and Trent Lee made bolts and sold glue, hence the name 'Climbing Anchors'. Since those small beginnings as a hobby, the business moved to Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia where is started life as a full time store. We pride ourself with supplying climbers all over Australia with exceptional customer service and have, in recent year, added our retail stores in Alexandria and Collingwood to help our customers access the huge range of climbing gear we now supply. 

Since then we have expanded to provide a wide range of climbing gear to climbers at great prices. It is our aim to provide a service to climbers and not just sell gear. We are available for you to seek advice on any products or climbing information you require.

We have a strong belief in the need to maintain the fixed climbing protection found in crags throughout Australia. In this regard we put aside money each year towards anchor renewal initiatives. We also facilitate rebolting donations and pass on the donations by way of specific equipment such as bolts, shackles, adhesives, drill bits etc.


Coffs Harbour

Steve Hawkshaw

Founder and Managing Director

Steve trying to figure which of the cobble slopers to use next at Zen Garden in Maple Canyon

Cath Hawkshaw


Cath climbing at the new Kletterzentrum in Innsbruck

Briana Chellew

Customer Service and Warehouse Sales

Briana climbing on Tyrolean Wall in Tonsai

Stephen Worley

Customer Service and Warehouse Sales

Stephen going with gravity on this underwater crag in Bobo river gorge.

Denver, USA

Simon Li

Marketing and Website

Simon climbing at Crumbly on Chaos and Disorder


Lee McDougall

Retail Manager

Lee exiting the roof of Unearthed (20) after letting out a blood curdling scream

Matt Hamlyn

Wholesale Accounts

Matt pebble wrestling in Castle Hill

Nikki Sentinella

Retail Sales

Nikki on a climbing adventure in Tassie

Isabel Hermosisima

Social Media Coordinator

Isabel displaying her love for heel-toe cams at Frontline

Rosemary Forster

Duty Manager

Rosie finding the perfect balancing point on her way up a Coffs classic, Glenreagh (17)

Alexandra Lynne

Retail Sales

Alexandra conquering fears on a sport route down in Tianjara Falls

Julie Pon

Retail Sales

Julie Jammin her way up at Point Perp

Tad Karapetian

Retail Sales

Tad collecting sends on a recent trip to Kalymnos Greece

Will Vidler

Retail Sales

Will's leaving a rainbow trail on Graveyard Wall Direct, Mount Piddington (24)


Kyle Beall

Duty Manager

Kyle's keeping it calm and collected- making it look easy at Royal National Park

Tim Addicoat

Retail Sales

Tim doing his best meerkat impersonation while treading lightly on Peroxide Blonde (20, Mt Buffalo)

Estelle Fleming

Retail Sales & Graphic Designer

Estelle is at her happy place on Watch Tower Crack (Araps).

Channa Perera

Retail Sales

Channa surfing his way up Wave Wall in the Grampians.

Dave Langron

Retail Sales

Dave is not letting being a little run out faze him Araps

Calla Gould-Whaley

Retail Sales

Calla with an impressive heel hook, after setting up a top rope on Mitre rock.

Deryl Ng

Retail Sales

Deryl is chilling the only way she knows how at the Grampians

Adam Sanders

Retail Sales

Adam on a horse is a horse (v4) at the grampians

Billie Civello

Retail Sales

Billie working her current project 'Touchstone Pictures' (28) at Bundaleer.

Rene Provis

Retail Sales

Rene finding his work/life balance on Blunt Instrument, The Moai, Tassie

Ryan Jordan

Retail Sales

Ryan at the Red River Gorge's Long Wall, deciding which key handhold to place protection in

Vicky Chen

Retail Sales

Vicky jamming at Janicepts at Mount Piddington, Blue Mountains