8b Plus Franz Chalkbag

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I am Franz, but some people started to call me "the mask"! Since days I have been looking like this. Must have had some bad chalk. Better refill with fresh chalk and climb it out. I mean, life is here for climbing! Are you with me?
Franz believes that life is here for climbing, and we can not agree with that more!

Comes with:

  • 1 Clip carabiner
  • Multisize waist belt with clip closure
  • Brush holder
  • Stiff, easy access-rim
  • Cool gift packaging

Designed for: All Boulder and Climbing grades. Especially 8b+ and up.

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UPC / Barcode 7613119000064
Brand 8b Plus



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Possibly the best thing ever

19 July 2014
Franz is love. Franz is life. With Franz I have not only become a better climber, but also a better, more exciting and infinitely amazing person. You need this chalkbag. But perhaps not that much because I don't want anyone to really be as cool as I am.