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Written for people who are keen to start on training

Climb Better, Feel Better. Climbing Training Meets Good Health.

Mobility. Stability. Strength.

Climbing training, trinity is still your name! A great leap forward for your entire body on so many levels, making you not only a better climber, but also a more healthy one: Because it’s all about balance and equilibrium.

Simon Friedrich presents to you the best training equipment and how to use it – the perfect foundation for you to build your own workout routine, no matter if you’re a newbie or fitness buff. The bonus benefits: Faster recovery, better mobility, less prone to injuries, more success, and more fun climbing.

Gimme Kraft!


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Rated 4 out of 5 stars. (3 customer reviews)

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21 November 2016
I was excited about getting this book, and now that I've read through it I am left feeling disappointed that I spent $50 on it. The book is literally bilingual - everything is written twice in German and then English. Therefore, half the book is a waste. The changing between languages also makes it difficult to quickly find the information or exercise you need a quick reference to. Extremely convoluted. Finally, the content in the book is nothing new, or better than what you can easily find on the internet. The sample workouts are again underwhelming, and written in a scribble text that is difficult to read! All in all I will reiterate my disappointment. It's definitely not worth the price you pay.

Clear & Concise

By: on 4 April 2014
Gimme Kraft contains a great collection of exercises, from beginners to advanced. Whilst it does not tell you how to compile a complete training program, it does provide an extensive list of exercises of which you can pick and choose what you need to train. Great book.

great ideas

By: on 14 January 2014
The Gimme Kraft book gave me some extra ideas for core training. Its written in simply language of ‘do this’ and don’t do this, which is what you are after so you can minimise injury, and wasting training time. Really helps you pull together a lot of stuff you already knew about, into complete training programs, as well as give some fresh ideas on build a coordinated core under pressure.