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Fixe Fixed Hanger 10mm

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One of the most widely used fixed hangers in the world. Made from Stainless Steel. Rated to 30kN

From Fixe:

’No doubt that hanger is our most known anchor, with an excellent reputation in the vertical world. It is strong, easy to clip and with a capacity for more than one carabiner. Three small protuberances around the bolt orifice keep the hanger from spinning if it receives lateral forces. Biner lodgement has blunt edges to avoid damaging. Multi-directional hanger with 4 mm stock.’

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Brand Fixe



Rated 3 out of 5 stars. (4 customer reviews)

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15 June 2015
Bigger than it needs to be, an eyesore. The dimples on the back are a great feature as this prevents the rig from spinning, all hangers should have these.


4 September 2014
Big solid hangers, sit well on the rock but possibly a bit too big and a bit of an eyesore (relatively)

To big and sharp

5 October 2011
This is a very large hanger for what it needs to be. The main problem with the Fixe hanger is the sharp edges where the biner clips into. It will cut up your draws!

This won't budge.

29 June 2011
Great sturdy hanger. The three little dimples are an advantage to stop the hanger from spinning. Perfect in any weather condition as well.