Equip Rec 2 First Aid Kit

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The REC2 is designed for solo outings and day trips. This kit while not as compact as the REC 1m is none the less a light and compact kit that contains a more complex range of items.

180mm X 130mm X 40mm 125gm


Contents booklet
Emergency action card
Protective gloves
Antiseptic wipes X4
Safety pins X2
Surgical blade
Sterile gauze swabs X4
Cotton tips
Iodine swabs X3
Normal saline 30ml
Elastic gauze bandage (5cmX4m)
Elastic gauze bandage (7.5cmX4m)
Flexible active strips X10
Knuckle dressing
Absorbent non-adherent dressing (7.2X5cm) X2
Burn aid gel sachet
Open weave adhesive dressing (10X25cm)

Choosing an Equip first aid kit is easy! All you need to do is ask yourself two questions (how many people is it for? & how long will you be away from medical care) and use the table below.

Time away from medical careNumber of people using the first aid kit
30 min Rec 1 Rec 2 Rec 3 Rec 3 Pro 1
1 hour Rec 2 Rec 3 Rec 3 Pro 1 Pro 2
8 hours Rec 3 Rec 3 Pro 1 Pro 2 Pro 2
2 days Rec 3 Pro 1 Pro 2 Pro 2 Pro 3
5+ days Pro 1 Pro 1 Pro 2 Pro 3 Pro 3

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Rated 4 out of 5 stars. (1 customer reviews)

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Great Kit

By: on 29 June 2011
I always take this kit when going for day hikes/mountain biking trips. It's light and has almost everything needed for most injuries. If I'm going with people or for more than 2 days I pack this kit with another slightly bigger one which then easily has enough to be safe. A light kit with a great range.