Equip Pro 2 First Aid Kit

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Will treat a variety of situations ranging from snakebites, eye injuries, blisters and burns.

With its extensive equipment store, this kit is perfect for the car or around the home. The PRO 2 has an extra storage pocket (in comparison to the PRO 1) that folds down from the kit allowing easy and quick identification of medical equipment in am emergency.

240mm X 160mm X 115mm 700gm


Contents booklet
Emergency action note book
First aid booklet
Protective gloves X4
CPR face shield
Antiseptic wipes X4
Plastic biohazard bag
Biohazard sticker
Safety pins X3
EMT shears
Sterile gauze swabs X6
Cotton tips X4
Iodine swabs X6
Normal saline 30ml
Curved sterile irrigation syringe (10ml)
Combine trauma dressing
Green soap scrub sponge X2
Sterile wound closure strips X3
Tincture benzoin swab stick X2
Elastic gauze bandage (5cmX4m)
Elastic gauze bandage (7.5cmX4m)
Crepe bandage 10cm heavy
Flexible active strips X15
Knuckle dressing X2
Finger tip dressing X2
Absorbent non-adherent dressing (7.2X5cm) X2
Absorbent non-adherent dressing (10X8cm)
Waterproof dressing (6X7cm) X3
Waterproof dressing (10X12cm)
Eye pads X2
Triangle bandage X2
Adhesive tape
Athletic tape
Burn aid gel sachet
Open weave adhesive dressing (10X25cm) X2
Moist burn pad (10X10cm)
Hydro gel dressing

Choosing an Equip first aid kit is easy! All you need to do is ask yourself two questions (how many people is it for? & how long will you be away from medical care) and use the table below.

Time away from medical careNumber of people using the first aid kit
30 min Rec 1 Rec 2 Rec 3 Rec 3 Pro 1
1 hour Rec 2 Rec 3 Rec 3 Pro 1 Pro 2
8 hours Rec 3 Rec 3 Pro 1 Pro 2 Pro 2
2 days Rec 3 Pro 1 Pro 2 Pro 2 Pro 3
5+ days Pro 1 Pro 1 Pro 2 Pro 3 Pro 3

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safety to climb again

By: on 25 October 2010
Smart climbers are prepared. Just remember there are old climbers, there are bold climbers, there are no old bold climbers. COST = LIFE+ (can u put a price on your safety i cant)