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Extend the life of your footwear - DryPointe shoe inserts are designed to extend the life of any pair of climbing shoes to minimize odor and wetness DryPointes will dry your shoes as quickly as possible.

DryPointes are a three-layered nylon mesh shoe insert which holds Eco-friendly wide-pore silica gel particle with absorbency levels of over 80% of its weight.  It neutralizes smells given off my moisture (sweat) that can build up in a shoe. For the climbing community, we are all too familiar with the "shoe funk"; these DryPointe inserts will prevent it from happening to new shoes, and even remove the smell for older shoes.

Thoroughly tested - With one of our first targeted markets being climbing community, we completed over a year of field testing and research in one of our favorite climbing areas, the Red River Gorge, KY.  Through our field testing we added sizes and improved the final product to what is now available to you. We have received excellent reviews from many users, as well as recent reviews Dead Point Magazine and Gripped Magazine.

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