Black Diamond Ice Clipper Accessory Biner

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Great for racking trad gear, not just ice screws.

Clipped to almost any harness, the lightweight Ice Clipper’s flat backside prevents rotation and a small shelf on top lets you quickly and easily stack screws out of the way to access gear underneath.

  • Racks up to 6 screws
  • Non-rotating design
  • Compatible with any harness
  • 30grams
  • Not rated as a carabiner

Quick Specs

UPC / Barcode 793661075608
Brand Black Diamond

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So handy and useful!

8 July 2013
I love my ice clipper and usually pick a harness it can attach onto. Quick and easy to use, and serves so many needs. Only downside is the elastic attachment. When that beaks often you are out of luck and can be challenging to get your hand on just a new elastic. But I won't climb without one these days!